Au Contraire 2013 - New Zealand SF National Convention

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Re: Au Contraire 2013 - New Zealand SF National Convention

Postby Tamahori » Sun May 19, 2013 10:09 am

Mike Sands wrote:Can you tell me how the market works?

I have a self-published game, and am considering bringing some copies along to sell. I wouldn't want to spend the whole con there, however (if nothing else, I'd like to run a couple of games as a demo).

Is taking a table for a short period allowed? I assume I'd need to book a table in advance, too, is that correct?

There is a market on Friday, so in your situation you'd only want to sign up for the Friday.

Tables are free (assuming you're signed up for the day of course) and do need to be booked in advance. You can run a demo game in the morning or afternoon RPG slot on that day, if you send me a message (PM me, or with the title, number of players (minimum and maximum) and a short description, and I can slot it in.
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Re: Au Contraire 2013 - New Zealand SF National Convention

Postby Mike Sands » Sun May 19, 2013 7:40 pm

Cool, thanks for the info.
Mike Sands
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Re: Au Contraire 2013 - New Zealand SF National Convention

Postby Stephanie » Mon Jun 17, 2013 9:16 am

To give more information on the larps - signups are now open!

The Discarded by Tigger Brunton
In 2172 AD the most repulsive mutant horrors were expelled from earth. For 14 long lonely years, you, the dribbling, infected creatures of nightmare have been doomed to wander the solar system in a rusty shell of a space ship. No refuge to be found on any of the terra-formed planets. No place to call home. A character-experience focused game rather than a plot focused game that explores the concepts of beauty and humanity. In a society seeking the ultimate in physical beauty, what becomes of those who are less than perfect?

The Bell by Stephanie Pegg and Catherine Pegg
You wake up with your memories fracturing around you. You're going somewhere, and there's something wrong, and you know these people here with you, or maybe you only think you do. All you really know for sure is that you can hear this Bell.

The Bell is a science fiction suspense live roleplaying game inspired by The Fountain (Darren Aronofsky), Five-Twelfths of Heaven (Melissa Scott), Vacuum Flowers (Michael Swanwick), and the works of Cordwainer Smith. The Bell is intended to be an emotionally intense game that pushes moral dilemmas. It also draws on a trope of science fiction which treats space travel as a spiritual and philosophical journey. While it doesn't make assertions about any particular religion, it does examine metaphysical themes and ethical issues.

I highly recommend The Discarded. The Bell, I, uh, wrote and obviously have a bias, but people who've played said they liked it. Be good to see y'all there. :-)
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