[Auckland] Pathfinder Venture-Lieutenant's Weekend May 23-24

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[Auckland] Pathfinder Venture-Lieutenant's Weekend May 23-24

Postby glen » Sat Apr 18, 2015 2:19 am

Save the weekend! 23-24 May 2015 is Venture-Lieutenant's Weekend in Auckland! Not able to fly to the US for PaizoCon? Join us this same weekend at the Orakei RSA for a weekend of Pathfinder Society play!

https://warhorn.net/events/auckland-pfs ... 2015/05/23

Pathfinder Society Organized Play is explained in more detail at https://warhorn.net/events/auckland-pfs

Join us and stare into The Slave Master's Mirror, plumb the depths of the Overflow Archives, or swim with Kirin and Kraken!

You can babysit goblins in The Frostfur Captives, punch paladins in The Night March of Kalkamedes, chase the Slave Ships of Absalom, dine in The Hall of the Flesh Eaters, or prospect The Segang Expedition

If you want to be lazy, begin and end with the Runelord of Sloth on Saturday, starting with Portal of the Sacred Rune, Words of the Ancients and the epic Waking Rune Saturday night! Fight Krune, or die trying!

Other scenarios include hellknights, mammoths, crusaders and weapons of mass destruction! We also have a Golemworks Incident!

Each table, each session roll your d20 for the chance to choose free Paizo products! Boons also available.

Note some tables have 5 places only, register yourself quickly to reserve your place!

$20 for the weekend, or $10 for a day. Cash on the day at your first table.

Facebook "Auckland Pathfinder Society" for real-time announcements, although persistent information also posted here.


Glen Irving
Venture-Lieutenant Auckland
Pathfinder Society Organized Play

Sign-up on Warhorn at https://warhorn.net/events/auckland-pfs/schedule/2015/5

Not going to PaizoCon in the US? Join us this same weekend 23-24 May at the Orakei RSA for a Venture-Lieutenant's Weekend of Pathfinder play!
Expect table prizes and boons!
https://warhorn.net/events/auckland-pfs ... 2015/05/23
$20 for the weekend, or $10 for a day. Cash on the day at your first table.

1st & 3rd Thursdays of the month from 18:30
Sign-up on Warhorn at https://warhorn.net/events/auckland-pfs

Orakei RSA
Upstairs room
178 Kepa Road

Plenty of free parking on-site, bar available. Venue is R18, sorry no-one under 18 unless accompanied by parent or guardian
Auckland Pathfinder Society

North Shore Lodge
Tuesdays fortnightly from 18:30

Orakei Lodge
1st & 3rd Thursdays sometimes more often from 18:30

Mangere Bridge Lodge
2nd & 4th Wednesdays from 18:30
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