Car Wars Steve Jackson Bulk lot for Sale

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Car Wars Steve Jackson Bulk lot for Sale

Postby luvrpg » Wed May 28, 2014 7:22 am

Hi everyone

Car Wars by Steve Jackson Bulk Lot for Sale (Very Rare) looking to sell this. Brought this back from Australia four years ago,have listed it on trade me have a few pics there,thought id try here in case anyone was interested. If anyone knows where else i could try to sell this bulk lot too please let me know,or if you are interested reply i guess. ... 722802.htm

To give an idea of condition.


1.Auto Duel Quarterly Winter 2033 Vol 1 No .4= VG(cut back page)
2.Auto Duel Quarterly Spring 2034 Vol 2 No.1= EX
3.Auto Duel Quarterly Summer 2034 Vol 2 No.2=EX
4.Auto Duel Quarterly Spring 2035 Vol 3 No.1=EX
5.Auto Duel Quarterly Spring 2035 Vol.3 No.2=EX
6.Auto Duel Quarterly Winter 2034 Vol.2 No.4=EX
7.Auto Duel Quarterly Fall 2034 Vol.2 No.3=EX
8.Auto Duel Quarterly Vol 7 No.3
8.The AADA Vehicle Guide=EX
9.Auto Duel Quarterly Vol 9 No.2
10.Auto Duel Quarterly Vol 10 No.1=EX
11.Auto Duel Quarterly Vol 8,No.2=EX
12.Auto Duel Quarterly Vol 10 No.2=EX
13. Car Wars Reference Screen=VG
14.The AADA vehicle Guide Volume 3=EX
15.The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Vol.2 The West Coast =EX
16.The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Vol 1 The East Coast=EX
17.The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Vol 3 The South
18.The AADA Road Atlas and Survival Guide Vol 4 Australia=EX
19.ADDA Duel Circut Loutrance=EX
20.Roleplayer The Gurps Magazine No 30=EX
21.Muskogee adventure pack=EX
22.1994-1995 Games catalog=EX
23.Uncle Alberts 2038 calendar =SHABBY
24.Aeroduel Supplement =SHABBY
25.Truck Stop (Supplement)= EX

26.Car wars deluxe edition rule book=SHABBY
27.Car Wars Compendium rule book=VG
28.Car Wars Compendium Second edition=EX
29.Car War deluxe edition no 1301 mostly complete with uncut pieces=EX
30.16X Bags of game pieces=EX
31.Bundle of used Maps=VG
32.Dice 6XD6,2XD10,1XD9,1XD4,1XD20=EX

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