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Collection of RPG books for sale

PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2018 8:54 am
by Caedras
A large collection for sale, pm me if interested.
RPG games list for sale

AD&D/D&D system
First Edition:
AD&D 1E Dungeon Masters Guide ... GWHW8XZPP4
AD&D 1E Players Handbook ... 51&sr=1-12
AD&D 1E Monster Manual ... B000AP6Z9K
AD&D 1E Monster Manual II ... II-1e?it=1
2x AD&D 1E Legends and Lore ... 0880380500
AD&D 1E Expedition to the Barrier Peaks ... rier_Peaks
AD&D 1E Dungeonland ... nd-1e?it=1
AD&D 1E Descent Into the Depths of the Earth ... _the_Earth
AD&D 1E Oasis of the White Palm
AD&D 1E Lost Tomb of Martek
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of Despair
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of Flame
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of Hope
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of Desolation
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of Mystery
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of Ice
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of Light
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of War
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of Despair
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of Dreams
AD&D 1E Edition Dragons of Glory
AD&D 1E Edition The Village of Hommlet ... ental_Evil
AD&D 1E Edition The Temple of Elemental Evil ... ental_Evil
AD&D 1E Edition All That Glitters... ... .._(module)
AD&D 1E Test of the Warlords
AD&D 1E Ravenloft
AD&D 1E Tomb of the Lizard King
AD&D 1E Pharaoh
AD&D 1E Hellsgate Keep ... 078690786X
AD&D 1E Mordenkainen's Fantastic Adventure ... _Adventure
AD&D 1E World of Greyhawk (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Set) ... worldof-20

Second Edition/Revised:
AD&D 2E Dungeon Masters Guide ... worldof-20
AD&D 2E Player's Option: Skills & Powers (HB) ... worldof-20
AD&D 2E Player's Option: Combat and Tactics (HB) ... worldof-20

Third Edition:
D&D 3E Return to the Temple of Elemental Evil ... il-3e?it=1

Third and a half Edition:
2x D&D 3.5E Player's Handbook ... 0786928867
D&D 3.5E Monster Manual ... Src=detail
D&D 3.5E Dungeon Master’s Guide ... ZGBZHN44S3

Fifth Edition:
D&D 5E D&D Player’s Handbook ... rshandbook
D&D 5E D&D Dungeon Master's Screen ... 0786965630
D&D 5E D&D Monster Manual ... ter-manual
D&D 5E D&D Hoard of the Dragon Queen ... agon-queen
D&D 5E D&D The Rise of Tiamat ... ise-tiamat
D&D 5E D&D Princes of the Apocalypse ... apocalypse
D&D 5E D&D Out of the Abyss ... oftheabyss

Pathfinder System
Pathfinder Core rulebook
Pathfinder Bestiary
Pathfinder Advanced Players Guide
Pathfinder Ultimate Magic
Pathfinder Ultimate Combat
Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign
Pathfinder Ultimate Equipment
Pathfinder Inner Sea World Guide

Miscellaneous D20 system
d20 Future
Dark Inheritance ... d20-modern
Monte Cook's Arcana Evolved: A Variant Player's Handbook ... 1588467805
Traveller's Handbook (Traveller T20 D20) ... 1558782176
Ptolus City by the Spire ... 1588467899
Ptolus: The Night of Dissolution ... 1588469395

Runequest/Legend System
RuneQuest Deluxe Edition (3rd) [BOX SET]
2x Advanced Runequest (Runequest, 3rd Edition) ... B000ZNZ27I
Runequest Cities: Create and Explore Your Own Fantasy Communities ... 9990397562
Runequest, 3rd edition Land of Ninja ... 1869893255
Arms & Equipment (RuneQuest II) ... 1907218246
Runequest II Monster Coliseum ... B003GW5NA6
RuneQuest II: Empires
Legend ... ebook.html
Arms of Legend ... egend.html
Monsters of Legend ... egend.html
Age of Treason: The Iron Simulacrum ... simulacrum

Shadowrun System
Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition ... 1934857319
Shadowrun, Fourth Edition ... Src=detail

Star Trek RPG Systems
Prime Directive: The Star Fleet Universe role-playing game ... 0922335362
Star Trek Adventures: Collector's Edition - Core Rulebook ... e-rulebook

Star Wars RPG Systems
Star Wars Roleplaying Revised Core Rulebook ... e+rulebook
Star Wars Saga Ed The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide ... 0786947438

Storyteller System
The World of Darkness ... 1588464849

Earthdawn System
Earthdawn 1E Earthdawn Companion ... +companion
Earthdawn 1E Prelude to War ... 1555603122
Earthdawn 1E Ork Nation Of Cara Fahd ... 1555603459
Earthdawn 1E Arcane Mysteries Of Barsaive ... saive?it=1

Miscellaneous other Games
Basic Roleplaying Softcover
Starfinder Core Rulebook
Numenera Rulebook ... era-print/