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The America Club details

Postby MissMenolly » Thu Oct 20, 2011 9:31 am


The America Club is based at Auckland University and is open to anyone.

It meets every Tuesday night for roleplaying throughout the year from 7pm to 10pm.
It meets every Wednesday night for board games and cardgames throughout the year from 6:30pmish to 10:30pmish.

It meets on the Auckland University campus using various lecture classrooms and AUSA clubs space. I'll post current locations in a different reply.

The club membership is $10 for the year. This gets you the club magazine when it's published and discounts to any events that the club runs.

During the year the club runs 3 smaller events and 1 larger event.

February - The BattleCry Convention. A 2 day gaming convention (see events section)
Aprilish - Prez Con. A 2 day casual gaming weekend held on campus for roleplaying and board games, run not long after Orientation Week so new club members can get a change to meet each other and get some gaming in.
July - America's Cup. A 2 day roleplaying tournament, with prizes :) and a larp.
September - From the Vaults. A 2 day casual gaming weekend held on campus for roleplaying and board games. A chance to relax, play some old favourites before assignments and exams make your brain leak out your ears.

The club publishes a magazine called the PseudoDragon at least twice a year, once at the SGM in March and once at the AGM in August. More issues if we have loads of things to go in it. If you would like to submit something please talk to the Editor.

The club has a website
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