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Re: Best RPGs of 2013

Postby Anarchangel » Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:08 pm

Vile wrote:Ooh, look, there's a Wikipedia list: ... games#2013 - and I'm on it! :mrgreen:

There's a list that's woefully in need of completion! Good idea though.
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Re: Best RPGs of 2013

Postby Steve Hickey » Sat Dec 28, 2013 12:08 am

For a change, most of mine were actually published in 2013. In no particular order, because most of these are based on reading rather than game-play yet.

The Firefly RPG: This seems like the simplest and most intuitive interation of the Cortex+ system (Marvel, Leverage) yet. It looks like it'll be fast-playing and character focused, with a core mechanic that makes situations increasingly unstable. (link)

Vast and Starlit: a free nano-game that does Blake's 7. Contains a neat system for generating alien races. (link)

The Sundered Land: A Doomed Pilgrim in the Ruins of the Future: This is a game designed for playing online (especially Facebook or Google+). I liked it so much that I hacked it into my own version before I ran the original. This one made my head explode with ideas at the techniques that it's using. (link)

Shahida: While I haven't read this yet, I've been waiting for this real-history RPG for years. A successor to Spione (which dealt with cold war Berlin), Shahida explores war and political tensions in the middle east, through the eyes of a family in 1980s-ish Lebanon. (link)

The Annotated Sorceror: A fascinating expansion of Sorceror, loaded with 10 years of insights into how to clarify and focus the rules. Along with Christopher Kubasik's Play Sorceror and the work by Jesse Burneko, there's now a great body of knowledge online for making this game sing. (link to rpg)

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My 2012 picks (in no particular order): In a Wicked Archipelago, Companions, Bad Family (revised), The Quiet Year, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying, Grace, Until We Sink

My 2011 picks (in no particular order): Monsterhearts, Monster of the Week, Microscope, S/lay w/me, Murderous Ghosts
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