DM Boot Camp?

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DM Boot Camp?

Postby morgue » Wed Nov 13, 2013 11:13 am

So Amanda Valentine (@ayvalentine) tweeted:
My girl helped start a D&D elective at her middle school. FIFTY kids signed up! I don't think anyone was ready for that...

It seems to me that gaming (D&D in particular) is at a high point in visibility and curiosity, perhaps the highest since the 80s.

If someone went up to, say, Wellington Library and said "Can we run a D&D Boot Camp session for teens interested in learning about D&D?" - I think they'd be into it and would advertise it through their networks and people would come.

It's a thought I am having. I am almost certainly too busy to follow through, but the thought is there all the same.
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Re: DM Boot Camp?

Postby Luke » Wed Nov 13, 2013 7:59 pm

Interesting idea and FWIW I think RPGs still have the potential to be very popular with teenage RPGers. The networking thing is the key and real success happens IME when you connect with those teenagers that have the motivation and enthusiasm to run RPGs themselves (traditionally these are the ones that become DMs and set up their own groups).

It takes work though, and I actually think that there is not as many experienced RPGers as it might seem who have the time, motivation, skill and experience to do this kind of thing.

FWIW if its done, count me in. I have some stuff on hand for exactly this kind of thing waiting for the opportunity :D
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Re: DM Boot Camp?

Postby Glock-9mm » Sun Nov 17, 2013 10:04 pm

Recently I ran a 1-off game for some "new to the hobby" players and they loved it, it was low key on a Friday evening and I think everyone had a lot of fun.

Now all but 1 of then are gaming regularly (Not in my game though) :)

Boot Camps for new folk would be great, unfortunately I suspect many who would be keen to fill the DM void are all hard pressed with the rest of their lives. :)

Would be nice to see though... Maybe a boot camp at Kapcon?
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