We're (planning on) starting a board game cafe!

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We're (planning on) starting a board game cafe!

Postby Jan-Yves » Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:54 am

Hello NZ roleplaying community. Rose and I are planning on opening a board game cafe in New Zealand in the next year or so, but we need your input. I figure that, well, NZRaG isn't specifically board-game focused, but there's enough overlap...

The concept is this: we stock a wide range of board games. We also stock delicious cakes and treats. You visit, pay a cover charge, and play our games. (The treats are there for you to buy so you stick around longer, but they're also delicious, we swear.) It's worked well in cities like Toronto, London, Oxford, and even in Auckland. We hope to spread the trend further through New Zealand.

Right now, we're in the early planning stages, and we need your input (yes, you!). We need to work out where to open, and how much demand we can expect. If you have a spare ten minutes or so, would you be able to fill out our survey?

If you have any questions, comments, etc., feel free to chuck me an email or PM, or drop them as replies below. I'll be subscribed to the thread, so everything should arrive in my inbox and I should reply pretty smartly.

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