Players and/or DM wanted! - Northland

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Players and/or DM wanted! - Northland

Postby Dnddnd » Tue Jun 04, 2019 5:16 am

Hello all, I'm looking for a game in the Northland area, Whangarei preferably. I have played a few games before, and I can DM if need be. I like my games to be roughly 50/50 rp and combat, but I can fit into to any style of game. It's been far too long since ive played/dm'ed, so I'm super keen to get something going :)

edit: forgot to mention what game lol. Dnd 5th edition preferably, as that's the one I know, but I'm willing to learn others as well! Or teach people 5e if I need to be DM. New people are welcome
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