Auckland - northshore Gaming group looking for new players

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Auckland - northshore Gaming group looking for new players

Postby michael.j.ok » Sun Jan 10, 2016 8:13 pm

Hi all

We have been running a group for a few years now started off with America at the uni, due to where most of the guys are based started to play over the shore.

We have had a break over the xmas period and are beginning to look at starting back up and would like some more people to join in...

As happens people have come and gone over the time due to work and family commitments. We currently run a game tuesday nights from 7ish till we need to stop (somewhere around 11), no major if guys can't make nights throughout, or commitments mean they need to drop out for a while, we are fairly relaxed and just roll with it.

We are keen for some new players, happy for any experience and skill level, to join in, anyone welcome, people who just want to be players and people who want to DM. those who have never played as well as those played in the past and what to get back in to it, or you just keen to join a new group or yours has disbanded. No matter what we are happy to accomodate what you want out of gaming.

Our current group consists of 4-5 regulars, aged between 21 and 40ish. with 2 - 3 who can DM. generally one dm runs a campaign for a while, then we complete or get to a point and start up a new game or system, that way those who DM get some in game time as well.

We have played a range of games and systems so basically if someone has a good idea they want to Dm, or someone gets keen on a specific system or campaign they want to play, we are more than happy to just jump in, last year we ran twilight, 5e dnd, and shadow run campaigns,

we are fairly relaxed playing group and get to together for a laugh and to enjoy ourselves. Crazy shit can happen in the games and guys do the weirdest of things, but we roll with it and enjoy the hilarity and chaos that ensues.

If you are keen for a game drop me a line on
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