LFPlayers 5 e campain in world of Kalamar

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LFPlayers 5 e campain in world of Kalamar

Postby Dracon » Thu Mar 17, 2016 3:53 am

We are currently looking for 3 to 4 New Zealand players to join us in a new campaign in an open world setting. Those outside New Zealand are welcome to apply as long as they can meet the time zone requirements New Zealanders +12 GMT +13 GMT depending on daylight savings.
Applications to join to Kalmar.game@gmail.com. I will send campaign rules and details via e-mail. Game is currently running with 3 players, running the mines of phandaver relocated.

Basic details are below

1. Players must be over 18 as other players and DM use mature language. We will consider anyone under 18 but only with approval of parents.

2. Campaign will be open world of an ongoing campaign set in the world of Kalamar, running D&D 5E rules system.

3. PCs will be standard classes and races, stats will be rolled at session highest 3 dice rolls of 4d6. If all stats total less than 72 player opt to re roll if they wish. We will not be entertaining any out there classes or race combinations.

4. It will be using fantasy grounds the DM runs the ultimate license so players only need the free version to manage game.

5. With Team speak as the voice program for communication for game play.

6. Intended playtimes will be Wednesday evening 7pm till 10 pm and two Sundays per month 1pm through to 4pm. Every Wednesday and the first 2 Sundays of every month will be scheduled sessions; last 2 Sundays will be for make-up sessions if any of the first two Sundays are a wash or extra sessions depending on numbers able to make extra sessions.
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