Gurps Traveller Online Game Looking for Players

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Gurps Traveller Online Game Looking for Players

Postby Andre_Chatvick » Mon Apr 22, 2019 9:01 am

We are looking for additional players for a science fiction campaign using GURPS 4th edition as the game's rule set. The scenario is set in the Traveler New Era, some ninety years after the collapse of the 3rd Imperium.

Currently, the Star Vikings and their Reformation Coalition Expeditionary Service colleagues are stuck in an alternate universe after a spectacular mis-jump. To make ends meet they are working as starship repo men for banks in the Terran Space Empire. The aim is to buy their own ship and work on a new science which will enable them to travel between universes and go home. Getting the money to do all that involves accepting dangerous missions in uncivilised systems on the periphery of the Empire, and things can get really sticky.

If you are interested in joining the adventure I will be happy to provide comprehensive campaign diaries and details on character generation. Sessions are currently occurring on Thursday nights from 7.00 pm until around 10.00 pm.


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