Karthan 07 - New Domain contd

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Karthan 07 - New Domain contd

Postby vampyre » Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:42 pm

Continuing Kam's adventures at Haradwain
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Postby vampyre » Tue Oct 18, 2011 3:33 am

K705 2Thardeth10: Haradwain

That evening Kam is informed that the others of the group have arrived. He dresses resplendently in dark robes and leaving his chambers follows Venra to the main hall where a number of adventurers awaited him, having enjoyed a meal and fine wine. Retrieving his cup of wine or ale, Venra introduces “my esteemed colleagues, friends and down right wonderful rogues…one and all.”
Surdoss (12th lvl W/Fighter) (m - Tanatherim)
Palnarin (9th lvl Ranger) (m - Therim)
Elloisse (11th lvl Cleric/Bard/Ranger) (f – Perintherim (half elf))
Kheraff (10th lvl W/Fighter) (m – Barbarian)
Nuidar (14th lvl Ranger) (m – Barbarian)
Vallaois (16th lvl Monteblanc) (m - Tanatherim)
Chennor (11th lvl W/Fighter) (m - Therim)
Tharamaen (13th lvl Monteblanc/Rogue) (f – Tanatherim/Vallois’s wife)

They all regard Kam as he regards them.

“Welcome everyone, I am pleased you could join us on this night.”
“I believe the night favours you morte than the day?” (surdoss says)
“Yes, think nothing of it. Do you all know why you are assembled here?”
“To assess a new benefactor.” Surdoss says. “One who can lend his powers as our previous benefactor did. “
“Very good. I trust you won't be disappointed. We are going to a mine. And we are going to claim it for ourselves. Venra has done some excellent preparations. With my help it will be yours.”
Helmarin asks “are you in agreeance with how the bounty is to be shared? To have the silver brought there is a cost involved but that cost has been taken into account.”
“The sharing seemed fair. Know this, I am a genrous benefactor so it is highly probable that I will give some of my bounty to others that impress me. Fair is fair.”
Vallios smiles at that point and sips his wine while he smokes a cigar. “Your offer is most welcome but remember this, we work best as a group and not as competing individuals. That is how we have survived until now.”
“Naturally. Then my gifts shall be shared equally among you all. I will not play favourites. I never do and never will.”
“Good,” Surdoss says. “Onto a number of other little matters until we discuss what we have learnt about the party going into tomorrow. Firstly, we each have rooms and each have a share of the sanctuary. We do not see to its protection as that is the role of the gargoyles. But we come and go as we deem. It is here we have a room of healing herbs and the likes for we dare not seek healing from the church. You have no problems with this?”
“Not at all. Your access and benefits remain intact.”

“Do you agree also to assure in your ability, protection of Haradwain should it be requested by the Gargoyles as we have also vowed?” Vallaois asks.
“Yes I will.” Kam replies.
“Should any of us get into difficulty resulting from a mission or task…that may have us captured or interned…that all matters take precedent to release that individual for the safety of the group?” Surdoss asks.
“As in a rescue…no man left behind.” He looks at Tharamaen and Elloisse. “Or women.”
Surdoss nods.
“That is our pact…we will leave no one behind when there is trouble.”
The party looks at one another and nods in agreement.
“Now…what of special bounty gained…magical items how should such be shared?” Venra asks.
“Remember Venra clerical items are not included in this.” Elloisse informs. “We have had difficulty before in trying to sell such…the church has such a hold on their own items of channelling. However if they evil or chaotic then they can be sold for destruction by the church.”
“And what has been your existing practice.” Kam asks.
“Well we look at what we all have…what the item is and its powers and see whether any of us can gain from it…if not we have 2 contacts that can sell on our behalf for a 15% commission.” Venra says.
Surdoss adds. “Venra’s two contacts who live locally…their commission includes also verifying and determining the powers of said items. We have some scrolls that can determine item powers and keep any such items of detection for ourselves to use…but at times the contacts have been very useful and we do tend to be generous with our payments.”
“So what happens when one or more of you can gain from its item?”
“By group vote and those who are directly involved do not vote.” Surdoss replies. “However also the benefactor can have a say in this.”
“Then I see no need for that to change.” Kam says.
Surdoss says. “Anything you wish to ask?”

Kam thinks for moment and says “It would seem that all runs smoothly in your group. I am not here to disrupt that. I am simply your new ally. Everything else remains the same.”

Surdoss nods. “Now onto the matter at hand…the mine.”
Vallaois sips his wine. “This past 2 days we have been checking out the party hired by the Baron of Tilvarin to visit the mine. The party is known as the Company of the Singing Blade…a fancy name but does not reflect the party’s shall we say experience. The party consists of 2 clerics, both serving Elenmire…yet both journey…women and they are accompanied by two mages, 3 warrior/fighters and 2 rangers…all are therim except the clerics who are Tanatherim. Their leader is a Landed Knight recently serving a local Baron and one who seeks to right the wrongs of the world. The w/fighters are all guild members and have had some adventuring experience but the others have had little…most have recently left places of learning to begin the journeyman training. And in this…many become party of adventuring groups such as this…so they definitely do not have our experience. The problem is the clerics…they are of Elenmire and she protects her own.”
“However…clerics as they are they cannot gain Elenmire’s intervention unless it is through their spells or if the threat is far greater than there’s…it comes down to the balance.” Elloisse adds. “If we are to succeed we must endeavour to fool them or bring out the evil itself. We must ensure the Baron believes mining here remains an impossibility. To do that…some of the party must survive to report back.”
“And they must do so without realizing that we were even there.” Venra adds.
“Then it will be the clerics that will survive, we cannot risk Elenmire avenging them against us. The words that the clerics take back would hold far greater truth than that of a warrior fighter. The question is how do we make them forget they saw some of you if indeed that happens during our attack.”
“By making ourselves something different.” Kheraff says. “There are spells that can do this…transforming oneself or disguising what we are to the eye of others. I can do this in a limited fashion however.”
“Excellent.” Kam nods.
“Like what Kheraff.” Venra asks. “A nasty creature thing.”
“Something like that.” He smiles back. “However we must be careful…the clerics have the power to destroy undead and the likes so to be seen as such would be rather stupid…I suggest a creature…perhaps ones that are seemingly controlled by an evil entity that cannot be discerned.”
“Yes…but would it not be better for them not to ever see the evil but feel it more imposed against them.” Vallaois suggests. “What I am suggesting is perhaps asking one or two of the gargoyles to be involved their presence unseen with their powers would further enhance the evil that lies within the mine…one we do not know of by the way. Can you enhance the evil Kam…with your own abilities?”
“So rather than openly confront them.” Kam says. “Yes we will masquerade as evil creatures but remain unseen. It may suit our purpose to perhaps abduct one or two of their number but only if that does not risk out true natures been discovered. I suggest we go now in advance of their arrival and seek to uncover what evil there is already as I can sense it all around. It could be that we could seek to reason with it and get it’s aid…it may well be some form of guardian simply waiting for a new master.”
“That is a long bow shot.” Surdoss grunts. “But I agree we need to ascertain the nature of the evil there first…and since we are all gathered here and readily armed let us take the suggestion.”
The others nod in agreement.
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K706 2Thardeth10: The mine

It takes an hour for the party to prepare and completed they leave Haradwain and proceed down the valley, covered in a thick mist. Venra leads the way and the party who have nightsight spells are able to move easily, Kam among them. They reach the area of dead desolate trees, the thick grayish mist ahead...the mine as well, shrouded by the mist.

Kam actively tries to detect the source of the evil that surrounds the location. He moves close to the mine entrance to see if the effect is stronger there. It is not. He moves to the top of the low hill that the mine is cut into and searches the area up there. He simply instructs the others to remain concealed and wait where they can see him. PERCEPTION 28 there is a second shaft that descends down. It is 6' in diameter. The mist is emanating slowly from this shaft. Kam returns to the others and informs them of his dioscovery. “I am going inside to flush whatever might be in there out.”

“We will cover the main entrance,” Ssurtos says.

“Very good,” Kam replies.

Helmarin also suggests they cover the shaft.

“As you wish,” Kam says.

Ssertous instructs Helmarin, Nnurdar and Vallios to cover the shaft.

“Remain unseen as much you can.”

Kam goes inside. He uses the rungs on the side of the shaft to climb down very quickly with his lightning reflexes. He reaches the bottom and sees that the entrance is not visible from his location. The mist is everywhere and he moves to the left side PERCEPTION 38 and thinks he has gone 50' in from the entrance. On the wall is a map and he takes it to help him navigate. Kam recalls that Vallios had said something about the original miners might have dug too far or too deep and disturbed something. He sees silver in the walls, occasionally touching it and feels the lycanthrope inside him becoming restless because of the repulsiveness of the silver. He fights its urge (WILL 14) and suffers (30hp) from the effect of it. Kam feels angered but does not change into his alternate form. Equally, he cannot move. WILL 25. The inner beast wants to escape but Kam controls it. He edges forward using the map as his guide and enters the second level of the mine where the tunnels are narrower. There is more silver here with an overwhelming sense and he avoids touching the walls. WILL 7. The beast begins to emerge but then it is controlled. WILL 7. Something is controlling the beast within him. He senses it and sees a fleeting image in his mind of one of the gargoyles. It is preventing his change. He reaches the third level and the going is easier because Kam knows the gargoyle is influencing the beast that is inside him. He enters the entrance to the newest area of the mine and can see a rich vein of silver. He stays under control. Finding the end of the shaft he can see where the original miners had broken through into what seems to be a cave.

Inside the cave is a crudely carved pedestal holding a black stone (shaped like a plinth) that is humming. The remains of armoured and clothed skeletal bodies are here, scattered around the room. Kam approaches the pedestal to look more closely at its inscriptions, if any. There are none. He looks more closely at the stone. It has a very smooth face. PERCEPTION 36 . The humming does not come from the stone, but from the pedestal itself. The stone rests on the pedestal. He reaches out to tocuh the stone. His hand is reflected in the surface of the stone as he reaches out. As he tries to touch the stone, he realises it is not his hand at all; on two fingers are two rings Kam does not have. Kam pulls back, watching what action the other hand takes. It also pulls back. He reaches out again, realising this is not a simple reflection. The other hand reappears and he sees its clothing is different to his own.
Curious, he completes the action to touch the stone, looking at the other hand as he does so.
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K707 2Thardeth10: The Hand of Magliuss

“It has been a while…shouldn’t we, you know, go down and check.” Venra asks.
“We remain until he returns.” Kheraff replies bluntly.

Kam touches the glass like surface, seeing the image of another hand…sleeved with richly adorned raiment mirroring his very action, and nothing happens. Kam pulls back…as does the other hand, exactly as he had done, disappearing from view.
He contemplates what to do next when he hears cracking in the walls behind him and turning sees rock crumbling to the floor of the cave and emerging two humanoid creatures, each 3m tall, their entire bodies encased in thick gray scale like armour. Attached to their shoulders are shields with a single spike protruding. Their faces are armoured and only dark holes are seen for eyes. Each wield a massive two handed sword and they approach Kam with an almost deliberate determination. Their movement is slow and Kam in unsure what they are…but they seem familiar from Eberron.

The creatures advance slowly, and Kam attacks (AC 30) and strikes the first one three times (the second being a critical, which connects on the side of its left arm which impacts but does not draw any blood). The enemy is a solid creature and very heavy.

Each creature swings at Kam, hitting him with crushing blows. He withstands the heavy impact and stands his ground against each in turn, feeling slightly winded afterward. He feels lucky that the impacts did not throw him against the rock wall.

Kam targets the damaged creature again. He connects solidly with three strong blows from the Sword of Kalis. It feels like hitting rock.

Kam is hit once more, withstanding it successfully. He shakes the impact off and seizes a new advantage, gaining an extra attack this round. He strikes four times on the damaged creature and it is still standing.

Both creatures strike Kam this time, one is critical. Kam remains on his feet but is feeling like he has been pummelled and crushed repeatedly, which is not far from reality.

Kam hears a soft melodic voice and it is unrecognisable. For a moment everything around the cavern seems to stop and Kam feels rejuvenated, as something heals him. He does not know what did it but he knows he feels better.

Regaining proper sense of his surroundings, Kam sees the two creatures bearing down on him. He attacks the damaged one again, hitting three times. The undamaged creature smashes him again and Kam retains his footing on the rock floor.

Moving swiftly, Kam again hits the damaged creature three times. It remains standing. Both creatures swing at Kam with the second one connecting solidly, throwing Kam off his feet into the wall. He is winded and lying on the ground, momentarily dazed. He attempts to parry while he regathers his thoughts and the creatures attack him.

He deflects the first but is unable to do so with the second. The creatures weapon slides down his sword and hits his leg, causing further injury. Kam is weakened and struggles to his feet, attempting to get out of the way. He also notices slight marking on his magical blade from the parrying.

Due to the overwhelming pain of the injuries he has sustained, Kam feels the wolf take him over. The change takes moments and the shackles of his human self are now gone. He is transformed and is angry. He attacks the two creatures, wanting to kill.

In a frenzy, he bites and attempts to rake with claws. The bite strikes one of them and his instinct tells him to keep attacking the threat against him. He doesn't know why, he just has to. The creatures swing and miss while Kam growls. He retaliates.

His bite criticals, damaging the second creature while his claws fail to penetrate their stone armoured skin. One of them hits Kam and he shakes off the injury. He retaliates again and still fails to break through, even though he is hitting them.

“He has changed….oh no…a werewolf!!!!!” Elloisse exclaims looking through the eye that she had cast earlier…following Kam through the shaft. She is utterly horrified by the scene unfolding and shivers in fear.
“Oh…this means trouble right!!!” Venra gasps. “I thought a vampire was bad enough…I mean is this for real...you are not joking right!!!”
“No...I have never seen such before.” Elloisse remarks. “Just what have we gotten ourselves into.”
“Trouble. Enraged it has no control over its own self.” Kheraff states. “My people encountered one 2 years ago and it was one of our own when it was slain, no control, just its own primal instinct to kill and satisfy its own desire to kill.”

Kam continues to attack in a rage, but fails to get through their armour again which only serves to make him more furious because these things will not die as he wants them to. This continues to happen as Kam flies further into rage, biting and flailing with his claws. One of them stops moving as he delivers a fierce bite.

Again, Kam savages the unmoving creature with another bite. The other creature swings and Kam dodges. It swings again and hits this time. In response, Kam bites and hits with a claw successfully against the one that is attacking. In his feral state he realises this is the one that threatens him and it is the one that must be given pain.

“Umm, how big is he you know as a wolf?” Venra asks, taking a deep gulp from a bottle of wine. “This has just got way complicated.”
“I would think…twice the normal size at least.” Elloisse replies fascinated by the combat she was seeing through the eye. “He is fighting two golems…there is something else in the cave as well. When the eye reached him the golems were emerging from the rock of the cave, so I just caught a glimpse of what may have been a glass shard perhaps.”
“Well…this changes things doesn’t it?” Venra mutters. “Mind you…with this party soon to arrive…what a sight that would be.” He grins at that.

Kam has an advantage, in that his rage gives him an edge and he gains an extra claw attack in this round. He succeeds in forcing his teeth into the creature and follows through with a claw that gets under the outer stone plate. The creature attempts to strike the wolf but misses. It swings again with no better result.

In a frenzy, Kam tries to bite and does so, but his claw gets caught a bit and that causes the wolf to stumble, losing some footing. The creature shield slams Kam in response and crushes him into the wall, impaling him with the shield spike as it does so!

The wolf howls in a its frenzied rage and attempts to struggle free, snapping and flailing wildly with its claws.

“Enough my guardians.” A voice rasps. “Leave the creature be.” The guardian regards Kam and steps back removing the spike that had impaled his upper limbs. The guardian waits.
The wolf sighs heavilly, wails pitifully and collapses unconscious from the impaled wound the spike made.

“He is down.” Elloisse cries. “Did you hear that?”
“Oh I sure did.” Venra mutters taking another gulp of his wine. “What do we do…nothing I hope?”
“We wait…that is what he ordered.” Chennor exclaims. “Do you want to go in there when he recovers…still in that form.”
“Oh no definitely not.” Venra replies. “That would be madness.”
“Then we stay here.” Kheraff says. He turns to Chennor. “Go tell the others.”
“Wonderful idea.” Venra agrees as Chennor departs.
“There was a voice in the cave.” Elloisse adds. “I do not know where it came from.”
“Oh great.” Venra sighs. “More complications.”

Kam recovers and is conscious, fully healed, in wolf form. One of the guardians stands nearby, while the other remains immobile as before. The wolf sniffs the air and attempts to stand on its hind legs. He feels totally revigorated. He paces around the cavern and howls, signalling and listens for any reply.

Something shines in the centre of the room. Kam growls and moves towards the shiny thing and sniffs it. He growls and marks his territory right beside it.

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K708 2Thardeth10: The Hand of Mocrare

“He has recovered.” Elloisse states seeing Kam rising and howling.
“Oh I heard that.” Venra shivers as does the others. “That sounds…mad.”
“Damn…the spell has gone I cannot cast it again.”

“What a strange creature you are indeed…so fascinating…so very fascinating.” A voice rasps.
For the wolf this is annoying…where is it coming from. The wolf growls…and its keen senses locates the voice to the glass like shard in the cave where he had just marked his territory.
“Fascinating.” The voice intones. “You are not of Mocrare kind.”
So the wolf moves to attack where the voice is coming from suspecting an enemy is nearby. Kam strikes the shard and is repelled by a course of lightning that writhes through his body. The wolf is enraged and is pained by the attack and slinks around eyeing the mirror like object cautiously.
“You do feel pain…hurt. Not as strong as you think…mind you in your present primal state…intelligence is rather one of instinct nothing more. Yes…fascinating indeed.” The voice rasps delightfully.
This infuriates the wolf more and growls in response. The two golems remain still and hearing another growl the wolf turns and sees another of his kind appearing through the wall of the cave. “This will be interesting.” The voice delightfully says. Both wolves eye each other and Kam attacks.

Both wolves eye one another and Kam attacks!

The other wolf rakes Kam with its claws. Kam can see in that moment that its eyes are like his own. He fails to bite or injure the enemy wolf with his claws, losing his footing as that happens and this leaves him prone and vulnerable. The opponent leaps on Kam, biting a chunk of flesh and again raking with both claws. Kam returns the favour in kind with his own bite and claws.

The other wolf, still on top, bites again and uses its claws to keep Kam down on the ground. Pushing back, Kam bites and claws, noticing that the scent of the enemy wolf is very different to his own. He growls at this and attempts to break free, instead rolling over until he has the height advantage over it. He attacks again and pierces the wolfs hide with a claw, drawing blood. They tussle again, pushing back against each other in a frenzy until the other wolf grapples and pins Kam in place, attempting to prevent him from moving at all. Kam struggles to get free … then he realises what the scent is. The other wolf is female
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K709 2Thardeth10 Above the mine

"Now I hope none of you are suggesting we go in..." Venra gasps looking at Kheraff and Elloisse. "Remember he was you know quite clear about following him in, wait until he returns, or something like that."
"Oh shut up Venra...always the coward except where there is money and treasure." Kheraff returns angrily. "I will speak to the others...are you sure you cannot try another eye spell...or whatever it was?"
"No, limited by the staff. I shall add this to the list of spells I need to learn." Elloisee replies. "I could summon two small animal to serve me as eyes, but once they will surely run at seeing the wolves in the cave."

Down below the growls continue as both wolves face off.
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k710 vicinity of the mine

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K710 2Thardeth10 vicinity of the mine

The party moved slowly through the forest, lighted torches showing the path ahead.
"One might think there will be profit in this mine." Kelsay mutters to his companion beside him.
"Ah, but our dear Sir Rotheryck would not have us to gain my friend."

Their esteemed leader rode at the front of the party, an air of confidence and excitement about him...he was eager to face the challenge ahead, the merit and recognition would enhance himself and his companions indeed. To date they had tangled with bandits and the likes, guarding merchant trains...but this was altogether different. Heading out alone with no one to guard or guide them and secure the mine for future use by his lordship. He felt assured that his companions were up to the mark and would serve well.
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K711 2Thardeth10: The mine

His foe, female and werewolf attempts to bite his necks as it continues to pin Kam to the ground. Kam struggles against his opponent but is still pinned beneath the wolf, the bite not successful, able to get his neck clear in time. Kam reaches up and bites his foe, drawing blood from the inside of her front leg. The wolf responds growling and raking her teeth across his right ear and neck gushing blood from the raking wounds.

Magluiss, watching on begins to feel physically and mentally weakened. “I have been imprisoned for so long…my power is diminishing.” He dismisses the two golems and for a moment feels a surge of power from around him. Soon enough however he must rest. If the others had been here, he would have been released and given the time to rest and recuperate from his imprisonment. Such was the agreement made, but this one was not of them at all.

Above the adventurers of Haradwain has joined together save Surdoss and Palnarin who are watching the approaches to the mine.
“There is a singular power down there coming from a stone that sits on a pedestal. It is enchanted but I can destroy it or its power is greatly weakened at the moment.” Elloise says. “I had to refer to a bardic scroll I have to determine it’s form. I have little power left, having used much to determine the power’s source, if I can have the ring of the Lost One I can use its power to attempt a spell and thereby shattering it.”
“Good idea.” Vallaois nods approvingly. “Let’s give our benefactor all the help we can.”
“Some benefactor.” Venra mutters. “A vampire turned werewolf. We may have to negotiate our agreement again…with our survival at the top of the list.”
Tharamaen who has the ring sighs removing it from her finger and giving it to Elloise. “You should have had it anyway, I have another means to cast my Monteblanc spells.”
Placing the ring on, Elloise concentrates for a moment under the item is comprehensible to her then she casts the spell.
Below in the mine, the stone on the pedestal shatters and Magluiss cries out in alarm. His containment destroyed as with its power he and the wolf ages rapidly becoming dust within a few seconds.
“It worked.” Elloise exclaims pleased and surprised. “The power has gone and with it…those that were attached to it.”
“Well done.” Kheraff nods. “Now we wait till we see what emerges, vampire or wolf.”
Elloise removes the ring but Tharamaen shakes her head. “Use it…there is still considerable power available to you, you may need it more than I.”
Elloise nods gratefully and places the ring back on.

Kam rises seeing his foe dissolve to dust over him and growls in delight. Then he feels the pull…the urge to change and though he fights it the wolf form becomes diminished to the corners of his mind as his human vampiric form emerges from the transformation. Exhausted, yet not feeling the wounds of the attack, Kam remembers the attacks by the two what he realizes were golems and the other wolf and looking down he sees that he is fully clothed and his items are on him. Did he force the change…no something else had forced it upon him. He can see now where two shafts continue from this main chamber and through what must be illusionary spells of bare rock, he can see veins of silver deeper in the shafts. These shafts he realize were not there before.
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K712 2Thardeth10: Vicinity of the mine

The path had faded and Sir Rotheryck called his companions to rest and establish an encampment. Helcor and Telmera, both rangers scouted ahead while Rotheryck oversaw the encampments establishment, each of his companions magically enlarging small stone shaped tents. Then his squire set about to raise his pavilion in similar style. These had been payment from the Hall of Fire, in Kaldefen for services recently rendered by the group…services that led to the loss of three of their friends and a fourth would be crippled for life, now at home with his family. The local Baron, Themacil was not happy to see their return, including his most aspiring knight, for they had left their homes to seek adventure and therefore costed the Baron in both work and taxes. However they returned with a letter of support from the Hall of Fire, an influential Alchemist guild and the Baron could not punish them, for furthermore they had been absent from his domain for over a year and therefore were now considered freemen.

Two weeks later the party was bolstered at a nearby town with Helcor, Penela, a cleric of Elenmire and her sister Telena, also a cleric and days later at a woodsman village, Stattos, a Daeostherim whose skills as a ranger were fine indeed, but he was more adept with the creatures of the wild, a druid among his people. They with Rotheryck, his squire, Seemus; Helsann, a w/fighter with 3 years in the Imperial Army; Tallnar, a mage journeyman and Decklan, one skilled in that which Rotheryck often turned a blind eye too and Telmera had spent the last three months together escorting various merchant trains that traversed along the western edge of the Maldiun Hills or through the Drakenwood, that separates the eastern edge of the Maldiun Hills from the Garthang Ranges. They were also hired by border lords to patrol the Maldiun Hills and Drakenwood regions, which had its fair share of Osgey and Azgyer servants. They had encountered few Osgeyr or Azgeyr as they stayed well clear of Lasgalen and Darkhold but indeed found their share of bandits and rogues, many of whom considered the Maldiun Hills a place of shelter.

Once the encampment was established Telena and her sister conducted their prayers looking up at the starlit sky above and shivered with the warmth received from their fasting. “Time is drawing near.” Telena said. “The bearer is close by…I do sense a call, do you not sister?”
Penela nodded sighing. “I can too, is the place we are going related to this for I sense it is not?”
“No…we will not find the bearer there. They lie in the direction of the Sister Star.”
Pelena looked at her older sister “What do we do…heed the calling we must, but we are bound in this task for His Lordship.”
“Those who are with us are good people at heart. We are at a…crossroads if you will, one road leads to this mine the other leads to that which is calling for us and both that and it’s bearer truly blessed by our beloved Goddess.”
“Then we must counsel with the others.”
“That we must sister.”
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K713 2Thardeth10: Eksharan

“Was that not a blatant admission?” Lianna smiled sipping her wine. “The gods way of protecting an adventuring party from harm.”
“It seems they wish to distance this group from the influence of your wildcard.”
“But Father, my wildcard has become two…and the gods had a hand in that.”
Alnuathor nodded. “And by that, directly assuming a role in this event as well as showing me that they have domain over this world.”
Lianna sighed and nodded. "Of course...their involvement with the change made them equally invested in our idea." she paused and turned to her Father. “When you arrived with the firstborn, was there a sign saying no occupation…this world is reserved for another race...keep out...no there was not. This world was paradise for us, uninhabited until Kharagh arrived…then the Tordagh…then the Therim, so numerous they are now.”
Alnuathor regarded her for a moment and nodded a greeting as Stormwing entered looking radiant as ever for a Sulthalion. “So speaks the heart of my people..." he said. "...and it is an ongoing task to convince them otherwise. The Valandor knows this, it is just the first born. But this war will open their eyes unlike ever before.”
Lianna smiled. “I am going to enjoy seeing that. So…these adventurers may be directed away from the mine. So Kam will have a valuable resource, which is still going to represent a challenge I think, the mine has not given up all it’s secrets yet.” She paused for a moment. “Yes, Father, I do sense the White Sword is close by indeed, moving through the mists of the essence with ease…like they are taken roads and paths I have only begun to see.”
“Such is the power of this item…it can open one’s eyes to the essence in a new light, at its lower form, it becomes mist through which winds paths and roads that cross the surface world, ever changing like the tides of the sea. We are so attuned to the higher and it’s physical form that many among us have not seen what lies beneath the veil that we use.”
"Except the Valandor and my children." Stormwing added smiling brightly. "Your Father is right my child, the mist shows paths and roads that few ever use. They were designed primarly for the Tordagh but they have long lost the knowledge. The White Sword is the only artifact the therim has that can see these roads and paths."
"So you know what we speak of?" Lianna asks knwing all to well she did, empathic she was with Father.
"Yes though I sense this was private and shall treat this as such...my apologies daughter."
“I think I will watch the White Sword and its bearer.” Lianna decided. “And I suppose keep an eye on Mak too, make sure he does not get into any trouble.”
Alnuathor nods. “His present company is going to suffice well enough. It would seem also that the planned meeting you spoke of earlier between Kam and the bearer has now changed. Another road is laid out for them.”
“Oh…I was so looking forward to that.” Lianna sighs. “Just another example of been put in our place Father…hmm?”
Alnauthor smiles. “Indeed. Such is the way for the moment at least.”
"Indeed, for the moment at least. At year's end things will change daughter that I can assure you." Stormwing states seriously.
Lianna nods. And I am going to be a part of this...been who and what I am.
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