Players wanted - Rolemaster Campaign - Auckland - Jul 2019

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Players wanted - Rolemaster Campaign - Auckland - Jul 2019

Postby RolemasterGM » Tue May 21, 2019 10:52 am

Hi all – I have been gaming off and on for more than 30 years & I am hooked (almost exclusively) to being a GM and by far and away Rolemaster/MERP is my system of choice.

I'm looking to get a Rolemaster campaign going, likely kicking off around July 2019 and I'm looking for possible interested players (located in central Auckland) to join myself and my already interested friends - mostly in our mid 40s and are both guys and girls. Frequency of the games TBC but likely to be every 2 - 3 weeks.
The setting is still also TBC but likely to be in my own home brew-world - have a look at link below for a source book/intro to the world.
For a bit of a flavour of my style of Games Mastering have a look at the following link to my Obsidian Portal profile The campaign "Divided we fall" is set in the same world - check out the video of the intro of the game on the obsidianportal front page.

My games tend to be pretty gritty, often intrigue driven, with some pretty fierce, nail biting combats and I try to interject some real thought, sometimes moral quandaries to make players think about their characters actions. That said though ultimately its all about having a laugh and enjoying the story. :D

The kind of player I'm looking for is easy going, likes a "thinking person's RPG session", along with some beer and pizza naturally along with some good old hack and slash too. No need to have played either Rolemaster or MERP before.

If you think you might be interested please be in touch.


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