Karthan 07 - New Domain contd

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Karthan 07 - New Domain contd

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Continuing Kam's adventures at Haradwain
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K705 2Thardeth10: Haradwain

That evening Kam is informed that the others of the group have arrived. He dresses resplendently in dark robes and leaving his chambers follows Venra to the main hall where a number of adventurers awaited him, having enjoyed a meal and fine wine. Retrieving his cup of wine or ale, Venra introduces “my esteemed colleagues, friends and down right wonderful rogues…one and all.”
Surdoss (12th lvl W/Fighter) (m - Tanatherim)
Palnarin (9th lvl Ranger) (m - Therim)
Elloisse (11th lvl Cleric/Bard/Ranger) (f – Perintherim (half elf))
Kheraff (10th lvl W/Fighter) (m – Barbarian)
Nuidar (14th lvl Ranger) (m – Barbarian)
Vallaois (16th lvl Monteblanc) (m - Tanatherim)
Chennor (11th lvl W/Fighter) (m - Therim)
Tharamaen (13th lvl Monteblanc/Rogue) (f – Tanatherim/Vallois’s wife)

They all regard Kam as he regards them.

“Welcome everyone, I am pleased you could join us on this night.”
“I believe the night favours you morte than the day?” (surdoss says)
“Yes, think nothing of it. Do you all know why you are assembled here?”
“To assess a new benefactor.” Surdoss says. “One who can lend his powers as our previous benefactor did. “
“Very good. I trust you won't be disappointed. We are going to a mine. And we are going to claim it for ourselves. Venra has done some excellent preparations. With my help it will be yours.”
Helmarin asks “are you in agreeance with how the bounty is to be shared? To have the silver brought there is a cost involved but that cost has been taken into account.”
“The sharing seemed fair. Know this, I am a genrous benefactor so it is highly probable that I will give some of my bounty to others that impress me. Fair is fair.”
Vallios smiles at that point and sips his wine while he smokes a cigar. “Your offer is most welcome but remember this, we work best as a group and not as competing individuals. That is how we have survived until now.”
“Naturally. Then my gifts shall be shared equally among you all. I will not play favourites. I never do and never will.”
“Good,” Surdoss says. “Onto a number of other little matters until we discuss what we have learnt about the party going into tomorrow. Firstly, we each have rooms and each have a share of the sanctuary. We do not see to its protection as that is the role of the gargoyles. But we come and go as we deem. It is here we have a room of healing herbs and the likes for we dare not seek healing from the church. You have no problems with this?”
“Not at all. Your access and benefits remain intact.”

“Do you agree also to assure in your ability, protection of Haradwain should it be requested by the Gargoyles as we have also vowed?” Vallaois asks.
“Yes I will.” Kam replies.
“Should any of us get into difficulty resulting from a mission or task…that may have us captured or interned…that all matters take precedent to release that individual for the safety of the group?” Surdoss asks.
“As in a rescue…no man left behind.” He looks at Tharamaen and Elloisse. “Or women.”
Surdoss nods.
“That is our pact…we will leave no one behind when there is trouble.”
The party looks at one another and nods in agreement.
“Now…what of special bounty gained…magical items how should such be shared?” Venra asks.
“Remember Venra clerical items are not included in this.”